Login Instructions

Login using your WSCC student email address or your Student Number with @coinpocalypse.com (example A12345678@coinpocalypse.com) as your username. Your student number is also called your A#.  

NOTE: You would have received your A# in writing in your WSCC Admissions Acceptance letter. If you don't know it, please contact Lion Central by stopping by the lobby of the Bailey Center, emailing newstudent@coinpocalypse.com, or calling 256.352.8182 or 256.352.8238. Your pin is !ACCS followed by your 6 digit date of birth. (ex. !ACCS010199 for January 1, 1999) Your social security number will not work as your log in credential.  

Example login:
Using your email as username: firstname.lastname@student.coinpocalypse.com
Using your A# as username: A12345678@coinpocalypse.com
PIN: !ACCS010199 (for a January 1, 1999 date of birth)